DoC Event #010 – Virtual Panel Discussion with Parallax Team

This is a joint event with DoE

UPDATE: Video available now on DoC YouTube Channel HERE

Date: Wednesday, March 24th, 2021

Time: 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm MDT

Location: Online Via Zoom

This will be the First DoC event of the 2020 – 2021 season. Event #010 will feature a virtual panel discussion with members of the Parallax Team on the topic of using Dynamo and coding in an AEC firm.

The “Real” Benefits of Adopting and Using Dynamo and Coding within an AEC Firm

Panellists: Aaron Maller, Melissa Thiessens, John Pierson and Lauren Schmidt all of Parallax Team

Here is the premise behind this panel discussion:

Share real dynamo and coding knowledge and experience, the good, the bad, and the ugly in a panel discussion. The Parallax Team is a great example and will be the panellists, as they all have different use cases, needs and levels of comfort with Dynamo and coding in general. This panel will be a way to showcase the ROI in time spent learning, failing, getting better, and then ultimately become more efficient. This session will highlight for owners, principals, CEOs, and bosses how using tools like Dynamo and coding can be a benefit even if it means accepting an overhead cost, or allowing users time to fail. Also, showing that benefits may not be in direct dollars saved, but in a more efficient process that allows for a better outcome, which would be a win/win (client and firm). This panel will also let those that are the current “lone wolf” of the Dynamo or coding process within a frim see good things can come from their hard work on lunch’s and after-hours.

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Contributing to Dynamo – Great 4 part series by matterlab

I wanted to do a quick post to point out this great blog series by matterlab, on their blog (called insights). If you don’t know what matterlab is, well its the latest adventure from Mark Thorley and Radu Gidei, both of designtech fame.

This 4 part series was written by Sylvester Knudsen and is worth a read, and a bookmark for those working with Dynamo and wishing to contribute to the community.

How to contribute to Dynamo for Revit – Part 1

Part 2: Getting started 

Part 3: Testing

Part 4: Making a pull request