This page will be used as a collection point for all the AEC/Dynamo/Revit/BIM Conferences and user groups that I know of, as well as other useful BIM related links. I know that I have found the local BIM user groups here in Alberta to be very helpful for learning new things, as well as great for networking.



AEC Next

Autodesk University




BIM Show Live


Data Day



HxGN Live

Midwest University


User Groups


cBIMc – Calgary BIM Community

DoC – Dynamaniacs of Calgary

eBIMc – Edmonton BIM Community

DoE – Dynamaniacs of Edmonton

BIMbc – Vancouver and Victoria BIM user groups

GORUG – Greater Ottawa Revit User Group

orug – Ontario Revit Users Group

BIM Quebec

tBIMc – Toronto BIM Community

United States of America

DynamoDC + – Dynamo DC + (Grasshopper and Automation)

pdxRUG – Portland Revit Users group

SeaRUG – Seattle Revit User Group

nycRUG – New York City Revit User Group

STLRUG – St. Louis Revit Users Group

SERUG – Sioux Empire Revit Users Group

KCRUG – Kansas City Revit Users Group

RUGDM – Des Moines Revit User Group

LARUG – LA Revit Users Group

DARUG – SoCal – Dynamo & API Revit Users Group – SoCal

RoMBIS – Rocky Mountain Building Information Society

NEORUG – North East Ohio Revit User Group

RevitDC – Washington DC Revit User Group

RevitRVA – Richmond VA Revit User Group

C-ville RUG – Charlottesville Revit User Group

Hampton Roads Revit User Group

NJ-RUG – New Jersey Revit User Group

Boston RUG – Boston Revit Users Group

HARUG – Houston Area Revit User Group – Computational Design Detroit


MRUG – Manchester Revit User Group

LRUG – London Revit User Group


MELBIM – Melboure BIM User Group

SCDG – Sydney Computational Design Group

BIM Links

BuildingSMART Canada

Canada BIM Council (canBIM)

Institute for BIM in Canada (IBC)

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