YourDesk University – Why You Should Tune In

YourDesk University is off and running, with 3 great sessions already done and available on the YourDesk University YouTube Channel for viewing!

If you are wondering why you should tune in, well let’s examine some of the reasons:

  1. These seminars are by the AEC Tech community for the AEC Tech community
  2. A speaker list of the who’s who of the AEC and BIM world, which is still growing:
  3. Live sessions with Q&A chat interaction with the speaker and host via the YouDesk University YouTube Channel
  4. A wide variety of topics, something for everyone:
    • Dynamo
    • Grasshopper
    • Python
    • 3D Printing
    • Digital Transformation
    • Much more, with new sessions being added…full list HERE
  5. All 20 sessions will be recorded so they can be watched and shared anytime if you are not able to join in live.
    • All recordings can be found HERE
  6. You can get involved, or suggestions someone you know that should
    • Want to propose a talk? Submit your idea here
    • You can also be part of the YourDesk Community on Slack

About YourDesk University (YU)

YourDesk University is an initiative intended to help the AEC Tech community connect and share knowledge remotely during these challenging times. Presenters will be streaming tutorials and discussions via YouTube Live that cover an array of topics focused on computational skills and a broader understanding of the technological reform our industry is going through. These presentations will typically be doing deep dives into specific topics rather than introductory tutorials, which we believe there are many other great resources out there for. We will be updating the event schedule below regularly and hope you can join us!

This Seminar Series is being organized on the fly so dates, time, and speakers may change. Typically these seminars will be 30 – 60  minutes in length and happen at 5:00 pm MDT, on Tuesdays, Thursdays. Currently, the seminar series is scheduled to run from Tuesday, April 7th to Tuesday, June 9th, 2020. But new dates and speakers may be added so be sure to check back often to see the latest!

You can register for the seminars you want to watch by visiting the YU website and selecting the seminars you are interested in. You can also see past sessions on the YourDesk University YouTube Channel.


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