YourDesk University is back in session for Spring 2021

The Dynamanicas of Calgary and Edmonton are both proud user group partners of the YourDesk University initiative and programming.

What is YourDesk University?

YourDesk University is a place for the AEC Tech community to connect and share knowledge remotely. Organized into “semesters”, we regularly stream content featuring some of the industry’s top experts on a diverse range of topics related to AEC Tech. Talks streamed on YourDesk University aim to highlight emergent technologies, workflows, and ideas that can be leveraged by the broader industry.

YourDesk University was initiated during the onset of COVID to help connect the AEC Tech community and equip people with computational skills/broader understanding of the technological reform our industry is going through. All of our content is free, and we are run fully by volunteers who are committed to giving back to the online community (read more about them below!). We welcome you to the community and hope you can join us for future sessions!

The 2021 Spring session will run from Feb. 25th until the end of April 2021. You can check out all the sessions live or recorded on the YourDesk University YouTube Channel.

Some upcoming sessions:

April 14th – 2:00 pm MDT
April 21st – 2:00 pm MDT
April 28th – 2:00 pm MDT

What are the “Dynamaniacs of Calgary”

The Dynamaniacs of Calgary, or DoC for short, is a Dynamo user group that will allow people that are interested in Dynamo, at any level, a place to get together and discuss all things Dynamo.

While DoC is being called a “Dynamo” user group, the plan is to not restrict it to just Dynamo topics, but expand it over time to include related Design Technology topics like Iterative Design, Generative Design, Computational Design, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality to name a few.

If you are from Edmonton be sure to check out our sister group the Dynamaniacs of Edmonton.

Register for the next DoC event today!

DoC Event Registration

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